Welcome to the Society of Sports Knowledge Engineering (SSKE)

SSKE is a professional organization consisting of individual members, research or university partners, and sponsor organizations interested in the development and use of 'formal knowledge' across activities within the domain of sport. 

Advances in sensors, antennas, data collection, and computing power over the last several decades have created new pressures and opportunities for the world of sporting.  Data is increasingly easy to capture, transfer, and view, but the sheer mass of data now available in sport results in a new challenge—what does the data mean? From the viewpoint of professionals working in the the domain of sport, using Knowledge Engineering principles to understand and apply the 'meaning' of sports data is a seriousgoal in an extremely competitive industry.                                    

The foundational concept of SSKE is to assist professionals in the sporting industry to gain a stronger understanding of sports data and better ways to utilize that data, in efforts to improve the sporting industry. The solution to many issues regarding sports data can be solved by applying the discipline of Knowledge Engineering.   

Interest in forming this organization emerged as a result of a group which was organized via social networking sites that include athletes, coaches, trainers, faculty, researchers, and commercial sports organizations, who have an interest in sports knowledge development.

We look forward to your interest and participation in SSKE.  As an organization, we exist to answer your questions, help you solve important knowledge problems, and to create new ideas in the world of sport. 

Dr. Norman Geddes

Acting Executive Director

Join us for our introductory webinar Nov 17th, 1100 EST

Norm will moderate a webinar discussing what KE means for the sports industry.

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